what is a great blog?

This post is  for challenge #4 of  the students blogging challenge.

A great blog will be  organized and have clear thoughts.I have read a girls blog  named Abbey and i really thought that she was doing a good job on her blog.I liked it because she had everything well organized,her thoughts were clear and it just looked real neat, good job Abby!

commenting guidelines

I like knowing what people think about my work on my blog!,but there are some rules people need to know first….

1.)Be nice!,its okay if you tell how to make my blog better or telling me what you think  is okay but as long as its in a good or nice way :).

2.)be honest, if you know your feelings about my blog aren’t good than just don’t comment it at all.

3.)no bad language.

challenge #2

This post is for challenge 2 of the students blogging challenge.

I think that its is appropriate for a student to use a real photo of themselves when they are working on a group project that teachers are involved with and as long as the teacher agrees with the student to use the photo, than that to me would be okay.Also if the student takes a picture with they’re peers maybe that would be better.